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Key Lime Bars


Key Lime Bars


I’m taking a 10 minute break from preparations, so I thought I would get this up, even though we are expecting guests any time now.  These Key Lime Bars are a favorite here and quite simple made from a recipe at America’s Test Kitchen,**ASCA00 .  The only change I made is using Pecan Sandies instead of Animal Crackers for the crust.  Son has eaten almost a whole batch on his own so I know they won’t last long!  

Key Lime Bars on a Platter


4 comments on “Key Lime Bars

  1. ministryofbaking
    July 5, 2010

    Wow, these are gorgeous! Love the photos.. 😀

    • simplycooking101
      July 5, 2010

      Thanks, I’m just learning but having a great time with the pictures.

  2. Nid
    December 18, 2011

    Can you post the recipe please? America’s test kitchen requires membership that I am not interested in. Thank you

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