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Breaded Pork Cutlets (Pork Schnitzel) – the Shar-Pei of pork



Having spent several years living in Germany, I became very fond of schnitzel.  If you’ve never seen it you almost wouldn’t believe the size of their servings, it literally hangs off the plate (which is the size of a platter).  Although I love fried food, I’ve never been much for frying as it always seems more work than its worth (too messy and what do you do with all that oil) and not so healthy anyway but I saw this episode of  America’s Test Kitchen and decided to give it a try.  I had also been to the local Farmer’s Market (which isn’t much considering we live in the desert) but I found some really nice small potatoes, including some great little purple ones.  During the show, their comment was that the schnitzel should be like a Shar Pei puppy, completely wrinkled and I think mine came out pretty close.  I probably could have pounded them a little thinner, but basically I got tired and the iron skillet I was using seemed to get heavier by the minute.  I then fried up the potatoes and served with some corn and it was a wonderful meal, not like the local Gasthaus, but pretty good nonetheless.**ASCA00


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